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Our Story

About YenKitchen Concept?

YenKitchen’s fundamental principle is “Turning Canadian Ingredients into Authentic Feeling”, which means, we promise to not only serve our customers healthy & quality dishes, but also help the community achieve better health.


Along with that, Yenkitchen also concerns on our planet's environmental sustainability, by practicing sustainable unique cooking techniques & utilizing its food wastes. We aim to build YenKitchen the first reduce & reuse, eco-friendly restaurant concept in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

YenKitchen’s soul dish is Vietnamese Beef Pho (Phở”) which is ahead of the world food trend compare to Japanese ramen. On top of that, our signature dishes are unique “Seasonal Special Spring Rolls”, made with 100% fresh Canadian ingredients, where you can find the balance between nutrition & delicious.


In the long-term business, YenKitchen hopes to keep  customers regularly come back with our Seasonal Menu. To be more detail, our seasonal dishes are weekly created and modified, adopting Canadian seasonal ingredients. The dynamic seasonal menu is built to serve our hunger neighborhood & help reducing food expenses, while it also brings YenKitchen's seasonal dishes to its maximum freshness.



About Chef Yen?













The idea of YenKitchen concept was gradually developed when Yen Phan saw many of her friends suffering from overweight. Realized that, many Canadian’s diets are going wrong, Yen wishes to offer YenKitchen's guests a creation of Vietnamese dishes, a combination between of seasonal Canadian ingredients and healthy Vietnamese cooking philosophy.


It’s worth mentioning that, Yen Phan also supports her family to successfully run a traditional Vietnamese restaurant in Vietnam, named Banh Xeo Nha Em, one of the most famous Banh Xeo restaurant in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.


Yen had spent years to years to study the ingredients and evaluate Canadian eating habits, before identifying her unique cooking philosophy. As a result, YenKitChen’s Menu is a product created of many years researching as well as practical knowledge.

YenKitchen is lead by Yen Phan (Chef Yen), Certified  Red Seal Chef who had graduated from Red River College with Honour Degree in Culinary Art, having more than 07 years cooking among many reputation workplaces including Wow Hospitality, Manitoba Club, & Fairmont Chateau Whistler (BC).

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