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Turning Canadian Ingredients into Authentic Feelings...

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Our Story

YenKitchen is a Seasonal Vietnamese Fast-service Restaurant where “Canadian Ingredients are turned into Authentic Feeling!”.

With more than 07 years living in Canada, Chef Yen had managed to find a solution to fill the gap between Vietnamese cooking philosophy & Canadian local ingredients, which will be our foundation to serve healthy & quality dishes but having affordable prices to our favorite guests...

Also, YenKitchen is offering its Separated Vegan Menu, which we think this will encourages our customers to experience tasty Vegan Dishes, as well as contribute to transform customers’ eating habits. Since we believe that “Small Changes lead to Significant Habits” and who know, if Vegan Dish tastes as flavoursome as meat?  


I just wanna call to the Restaurant to tell you guys that Your Beef "Phở" is soooo good!!!

—  Jared McKnight — 


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



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